Reimagining India's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem


Post Covid India will face tremendous social and economic challenges of an unprecedented scale. We conglomerate investment, academic expertise, industry leadership, and technologies to push forward scalable innovations to solve those challenges.

Catalyzing Inclusive Development

With a mission to improve the lives of all underrepresented groups, we bring together industry leaders, governments, academic institutions, influential platforms, and private investors with innovators to catalyze inclusive development.



Encompassing all development sectors

Manus Labs works with social innovators and entrepreneurs across all development sectors encompassing water, sanitation, education, skill development, health, energy, waste, poverty, equality, etc. We are sector agnostic.  


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Piyush Verma

Ashvin Gopinath


Asst Prof. MechE
Ex-Google X
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Chintan Vaishnav

Chief Advisor

Senior Lecturer, Sloan School of Management 

Academic Head, MIT Tata Center

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Joost Bonsen

Senior Advisor

Lecturer, MIT Media Lab
Founding Program Director, MIT Legatum Center for Entrepreneurship
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Board Member, Senior Advisor

Mehra Chair Professor, MechE
Head, Department of Design 
IIT Delhi, India 

Pradyumna Vyas

Board Member, Senior Advisor

Ex-Director, NID 
Member Secr. India Design Council
Board Member, World Design Organization

Senior Advisor, CII

Padmanabhan Anandan

Board Member, Senior Advisor

CEO, Wadhwani AI

Ex Managing Director, Microsoft Research
Founder, Microsoft Research India 


Barbara Bulc

Board Member, Senior Advisor

Founder and President, Global Development 
Founding member,
United Nations Innovation Working Group 

Dlego Arenas

Summer Intern

Computer Science Sophomore 

MITII - Inclusive Innovation Grant Fellow
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

David Maina

Team Member

Graduate Researcher, DUSP
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Vrushank Fadnis

Team Member

Ph.D. Candidate, MechE
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Naveen Bharati

Senior Advisor

Raghunathan Fellow
Lakshmi Mittal South Asia Institute 
Harvard University 

looking forward to collaborating with us?

Manus Labs is constantly looking for passionate individuals and organizations working/ interested to work in the social impact sector to team up with.